North Bengal Tourism: Best places to visit in North Bengal

  • November 8, 2021

North Bengal Tourism comprises a mixture of hills, tea gardens, forests. Blessed with the beauty of nature, it gives you the best destinations to visit with your family and friends. There are innumerable best places to visit in North Bengal that give us chances to make memories.

North Bengal has two parts the Hills and Dooars. Siliguri is known as ‘the gateway to NorthEast India’ because you have to reach Siliguri in order to visit any of the places in NorthEast be it dooars or hills.
The most eccentric places under North Bengal Tourism where you must visit once in a lifetime are Dooars, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Mirik. Firstly, you have to reach Siliguri either by train(NJP) or flight (Bagdogra). You will be able to reach your favorite destination after you reach Siliguri.

We are going to list out a few breathtaking places which are worth visiting.

1. Raimatang

You will find this destination situated in Dooars which is surrounded by the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Raimatang possesses a good flora and fauna with natural scenic beauty with both tea gardens as well as hills. If you are an adventure lover, this destination is just perfect for you as it has various trekking routes that include Lepchaka and is also an ideal place for bird watching. It is around 75 Km from Siliguri town and the nearest place to visit the destination is Alipurduar.


2. Jhalong, Bindu & Paren

Jhalong is also known as Jaldhaka because at this point River Jhalong meets Jaldhaka, Bindu and Paren are three paradise destinations in dooars. These places are surrounded by beautiful valleys, rivers, and tea gardens. Jhalong is 10 km away from Paren. Paren is situated on the border of India and Bhutan. The most popular trekking point is Rachella Pass and you would surely love to explore the place. These areas fall on Kalimpong District and the nearest railway station is Malbazar.


3. Rongo

This destination is situated near Bhutan and therefore you can witness the beautiful hills and mesmerizing scenic beauty. It is about 35km away from the railway station New Mal Junction(Malbazar). Visiting this place will feel your heart with peace and calmness and this is what you require when you take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. You must visit the monastery and the waterfall present there and then you may spend some time with the village locals.



Now coming to the Darjeeling district, Bunkulung is about 15 km from Mirik. The destination is recommended to all nature lovers. It is also popular for the cultivation of cardamom and paddy fields. However, the best and suitable place to stay in this destination is Bukulung Eco Huts.


5. Sittong

Sittong, also known as Orange Village that belongs to Lepcha(caste) mostly. The small village is surrounded by orange orchards bearing delicious and juicy oranges every year. The soothing and pure aura helps you get relief even in the scorching summers and is also perfect for visiting during the winters(Dec- Jan). The sights and aroma of orange orchards attract various birds and therefore is a location for birdwatching.


6. Sandakphu

It is the world’s highest snowline and the highest point of West Bengal situated at the India- Nepal border. Earlier this destination was well known among the trekkers only but now everybody is visiting Sandakphu every year. The growing popularity of this destination makes sure it is a favorite spot for travelers making it one of the best places to visit in north bengal. It also gives you a supreme experience on bike rides. You need not worry about the roads and routes as new roads have already been constructed to make it easier for you to travel to this destination.


7. Triveni camp

This destination is a newly found place near Siliguri but falls in Kalimpong District. Triveni is popular for camping and is the area of convergence of Teesta and Rangeet river. If you are planning to spend a unique weekend then Triveni is just the right one for you. You can carry out various activities like fishing, whitewater rafting, hiking. You can spend your evening in the camp arranging a bonfire with your loved ones. Triveni is around 53 km from Siliguri town and you can easily reach there on your bikes and two-wheelers also.


8. Gitkolbong

It is a small village situated 7 km away from Lava. The destination is a mixture of tea gardens, river(Gitkol Khola) flowing through the village, and as well as the Himalayas. You can trek towards the top of the hill where you can set up your camp and view the breathtaking sunset and sunrise. You have to reach this destination via Lava. Few locations near Gitkolbong are Lava, Lolegaon, and Charkhole.


9. Bidyang

The destination, Bidyang is located 15 km away and is encircled by various species of plants like pine, oak, fir, cedar. Apart from this, the place is engulfed with silence and peace as a result you can only hear the sounds of River Relli flowing across the spectacular valley. There are homestays where you can book your stay in Bidyang.


So, here are some of the offbeat destinations in North Bengal that you must visit once in your lifetime. The vacation is around the corner, book a tour package and enjoy the beautiful destinations in North Bengal.

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